Dallas Becoming Your Own Banker

Take control of your own financial life in Dallas by becoming your own banker — John Montoya and his team at JLM Wealth Strategies want to show you how!

We have a tried-and-true Dallas family banking system that has been used for decades around the country by especially savvy financial professionals. Considered by many to be one of the best-kept secrets in the financial world, the 770 account — or, as we call it, the Infinite Banking concept — is a way that you can break free from banks and other lending institutions and essentially become your own banker.

Becoming your own banker in Dallas TX means a couple things.

  • Shielding your money from the excessive fees, interest and taxes that come with working with banks and maintaining traditional retirement accounts. So much of your money is wasted on interest for loans, taxes on your retirement savings and even general service charges. You can avoid this in Dallas by becoming your own banker through JLM’s system.
  • Avoiding the inconvenience and uncertainty of working with banks and investing in traditional retirement accounts. These scenarios can be stressful — from worrying about credit checks and loan applications to agonizing on whether or not your retirement accounts will grow and progress the way that you need them to. With our Dallas family banking system, you never have to beg banks for money and your money grows consistently, even if the markets are tanking.

It’s fairly obvious why so many prominent men and women have leaned on this financial solution to grow and maintain their wealth. The team at JLM Wealth Solutions can tailor this product to fit your life and needs.

John Montoya and his team want to help you achieve financial independence in Dallas by becoming your own banker. Consult with our staff to get started.