Houston 770 Bank Account

What can a Houston 770 bank account do for your future? What if we told you that there was a “secret account” that could fund your retirement, allowing you to retire early, all through a non-traditional funding mechanism that has actually been used by six American presidents?

When you hear the Houston 770 account explained, it may sound too good to be true — but when it comes down to the details, choosing a 770 bank account in Houston TX just makes good sense. If you want to protect your financial resources from the IRS, ensure a secure financial future for your family, and potentially retire far earlier than planned, it may be time to consider a 7702 retirement plan in Houston TX from JLM Wealth Strategies.

The Houston 770 bank account that isn’t really an account at all!

What if we told you that the key to having a Houston 770 account explained was as simple as having whole life insurance? In fact, using a Houston 7702 retirement plan means that you are using a type of life insurance in which the living benefits are maximized and the death benefits are minimized.

Looking to have the 770 account explained in Houston TX? In short, having a 770 account means that you are building cash value in your policy by paying your premiums — but, since it is a super-charged, dividend-paying policy, you are also earning a profit on your investment.

The benefits of using a Houston 770 bank account are usually described in terms of taxes, since clients are able to take out tax-free loans against the value of their permanent life insurance policies. This means that you are essentially providing yourself with a tax-free retirement plan. Furthermore, life insurance has far fewer restrictions with regards to the amount that you can fund every year — unlike traditional retirement plans — which offers significant benefits to many of our JLM Wealth Strategies clients. Ready to learn more about these innovative approaches? Contact us now to get started!