Houston Cash Value Life Insurance

What is the benefit of using Houston cash value life insurance? Instead of having to pay a significant amount of fees and go through trouble to access money for large purchases, you may be able to have funds at the ready with the help of a Houston dividend paying whole life plan.

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we know that you are responsibly funding your retirement accounts — but, in many cases, that money is locked away until you reach a certain age. Access your money faster and with less difficulty when you choose to invest in a plan for cash value life insurance in Houston TX. We’ll show you how.

Where is the cash value in your Houston cash value life insurance?

Cash value is defined as the segment of your plan that has become liquid. This can grow at different rates for different insurers, depending on the ways in which the insurance company pays dividends and applies your premiums — often through fixed, indexed or variable plans.

The cash value is considered as collateral for tax-free loans that can be taken out against the policy. Increasingly, clients are using Houston dividend paying whole life to finance large purchases and even fund their retirement accounts, thanks to this flexibility in lending. Borrowing from your dividend paying whole life in Houston TX has benefits including:

  • Tax-free loans
  • Faster access to more liquid funds
  • Ability to pay off large sums or take out loans for major purchases such as vehicles
  • And, your loan can even serve as a retirement planning tool

If you have been considering a departure from traditional financial approaches — they just do not suit your needs — it is time to speak with a professional at JLM Wealth Strategies. Our specially certified team members can provide you with the information you need to create a comprehensive savings plan for your family and lifestyle, which may include Houston cash value life insurance. Contact our team now to get started with your customized plan.