Houston Roth IRA Alternatives

For many years, you may have heard about how great the Roth IRA is — so, why would you be looking around for a Houston Roth IRA alternative?

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we know that traditional retirement accounts simply do not work for everyone, especially entrepreneurs and self-employed types. Instead of worrying about finding the right Houston 401k alternatives, why not consider working with our team of financial professionals? We work tirelessly to help you pursue a tax free retirement in Houston TX.

Furthermore, many of our financial strategies allow you to retire early instead of having to wait until you are 65 to withdraw your money. Stop being badgered by ridiculous restrictions and seek the financial freedom you deserve with our Roth IRA alternative in Houston TX.

Why a Houston Roth IRA alternative might make sense

Many of our clients are seeking options that serve as Houston 401k alternatives and Roth IRA alternatives. But, wait a second — isn’t the Roth the key to a Houston tax free retirement?

  • When it comes down to it, a Roth IRA is not a tax-free option; it simply allows you to pay your taxes up-front instead of having to wait for retirement.
  • Also, Roth IRAs cap annual contributions at just $5,500 annually, which is hardly enough to support retirement for most Americans.
  • Clients who are maxing out their 401k and their Roth may be struggling to find the right financial products to suit their needs.
  • Don’t forget that Roth IRA options are only available to those who make less than about $130,000 per year. Many investors in the Houston area easily eclipse that figure — so, how are you supposed to save for retirement?

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we help you identify the right 401k alternatives in Houston TX that can support your financial needs. Our strategic approach can include the use of permanent life insurance as a type of “independent banking” account, but we can also devise other strategies to limit your tax burden and give you the freedom and control you require during retirement.

Ready to learn more about your Houston Roth IRA alternative? Connect with John A. Montoya and his staff at JLM Wealth Strategies to learn more about our innovative approach to building wealth.