Los Angeles 770 Bank Account

When you are ready to think about opening a Los Angeles 770 bank account, you need the right financial planner on your side.

You need a team that can make sure that you have the Los Angeles 770 account explained in terms you can understand — and you want straight-shooting financial professionals. JLM Wealth Strategies offers the professionalism and support you demand when it comes to your financial management team.

We help you develop the right approach to a 7702 retirement plan in Los Angeles CA that can help you achieve your retirement goals and even allow you to retire early.

Why the Los Angeles 770 bank account is called the “Presidents’ account”

When you hear the Los Angeles 770 account explained, you will understand why six American presidents have chosen to use this funding mechanism for their retirement planning. In fact, a retirement strategy that uses a 770 bank account in Los Angeles CA is designed to protect your hard-earned money from unnecessary IRS taxation.

Essentially, the 770 account is explained in Los Angeles CA as a type of whole life insurance policy — not at all a tradition type of retirement planning. Those choosing a Los Angeles 7702 retirement plan pay into a fixed, permanent life insurance policy that offers a return on investment in the form of interest.

Then, clients can take out tax-free loans against the policy, giving them access to living benefits instead of death benefits. This option provides advantages such as:

  • The ability to take out money penalty-free at any age
  • Independence and freedom when it comes to choosing fixed, variable or indexed interest rates
  • Less dependence upon traditional banking structures
  • Protecting your wealth more reliably than a more volatile, investment-based approach

A Los Angeles 770 bank account is not just for the excessively wealthy — in fact, it can offer benefits for a variety of clients, depending on your financial needs. JLM Wealth Strategies can provide you with the information you need to choose the right alternative retirement plan. Contact us now for a consultation.