Los Angeles Becoming Your Own Banker

Here at JLM Wealth Strategies, we have the secret in Los Angeles to becoming your own banker. No, this doesn’t mean going out and acquiring a brick-and-mortar bank — this simply means that, through our innovative strategy, you will never have to rely on big banks or Wall Street for your financial well-being ever again.

We want to teach you our Los Angeles family banking system, which is centered on a 770 account, also known as the Infinite Banking concept. By establishing, and funding, a super-charged, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy, you are effectively able to loan yourself money, pay off debts and grow your wealth consistently regardless of how the markets might be performing.

These 770 accounts have been a relatively secret financial solution that just about anyone can utilize — you just need to work with the right people to get going. JLM Wealth Strategies will show you how easy it is in becoming your own banker in Los Angeles CA.


What are the benefits of cutting the tether off from banks?

You might like banking with your current bank — you may be wondering what the benefits are in Los Angeles to becoming your own banker. Take a step back for a minute and focus in on all the money you’re wasting simply by going through a bank. You will be paying:

  • Significant interest on loans. Take a look at a recent loan statement and notice how much money is squandered away on interest when you could be loaning yourself money for no interest at all. Plus, with our plan, while you’re using the money, it’s still growing!
  • Service fees and convenience charges. This is simply a ploy for the bank to make more money — they’re completely unnecessary but can be expensive.
  • Taxes on retirement accounts. Traditional retirement accounts come with significant taxes. Even the Roth IRA, which lauds its tax-free nature, has hidden taxes built in (paid upfront). With our Los Angeles family banking system, your wealth is shielded from taxes.

As you can see, by shifting the banking power to you and your own family, you are saving thousands of dollars right out of the gate. We want to show you the tools in Los Angeles to becoming your own banker. Contact JLM Wealth Strategies and learn more.