Los Angeles Roth IRA Alternatives

You have a lot of demands and expectations for your Los Angeles Roth IRA alternative. You want a retirement option that allows you to withdraw money earlier than age 65. Perhaps you want the freedom to “lend yourself” money through independent banking strategies — or, perhaps you are just fed up with having your retirement account tied to your employer.

No matter your reasons for seeking a Los Angeles 401k alternative, JLM Wealth Strategies can help. Our team of professional financial advisers can point you in the right direction to achieve early, tax free retirement in Los Angeles CA. No more uncertainty, no more depending on underqualified fund managers to oversee your future.

Instead, JLM Wealth Strategies offers the Roth IRA alternative in Los Angeles CA that can give you the control you want over your financial health, returning the power right back into your hands.

Benefits of choosing a Los Angeles Roth IRA alternative or 401k alternative

Traditional retirement accounts offer some security, but they also come with disadvantages.

  • One of the most obvious “cons” of using a 401(k) employer-sponsored retirement plan is simply the timeline for investment and withdrawal.
  • Not only is your retirement plan tied to your employer — when you use a 401(k) option, you are also increasing uncertainty over the long haul because fund managers and their investment strategies change.
  • You would be wise to investigate Los Angeles 401k alternatives because of this overall inconsistency. Fund managers may change as often as year-to-year, meaning that your money is in different hands, generally managed by people you have never met.

Wouldn’t you rather trust a money manager and wealth strategist with whom you have a personal relationship? The 401k alternatives in Los Angeles CA offered by JLM Wealth Strategies give you that opportunity.


We want to show you how to achieve Los Angeles tax free retirement

Our financial solutions can provide you with the Los Angeles Roth IRA alternative you have been seeking. Ready to learn more? Contact our team now to get started.