Sacramento Cash Value Life Insurance

Did you know that life insurance is not just for emergencies — instead, Sacramento cash value life insurance can actually play a key role in your future financial success?

At JLM Wealth Strategies, we believe that Sacramento dividend paying whole life policies can serve as important financial products for your retirement planning. Permanent-value life insurance policies, which differ from term-life policies, are designed to provide both a death benefit and a living benefit through cash value accumulation over the client’s lifetime.

That cash value can be used as leverage to finance tax-free loans to fund your retirement. Instead of relying exclusively on 401(k)s, IRAs, and other traditional savings mechanisms, why not examine your options for cash value life insurance in Sacramento CA?

Why smart investors use Sacramento cash value life insurance

Clients who are short on cash or who want to fund a specific purchase can use the cash values of their policy to take out loans or even make a withdrawal from their Sacramento dividend paying whole life insurance. Through this vehicle, they essentially become their own banker!

Some policies are designed to offer a system in which your death benefit is reduced dollar-by-dollar, while others reduce the death benefit by more than you withdraw. However, taking out a tax-free loan can be a great alternative to withdrawing from your policy, while still providing you with the financial freedom you need. Choosing to retire with the help of a dividend paying whole life in Sacramento CA means that you:

  • Can access your money quicker
  • Can retire earlier because there’s no age restriction on taking out loans
  • Have access to higher volume investments, as annual investment caps do not exist for your policy like they do for 401(k)s and Roth IRAs
  • Enjoy freedom and control over your own money and future

Your Sacramento cash value life insurance plan can provide you with financial security and stability well into the future. Stop worrying about how to pay for retirement and other major expenditures and start living with the confidence that comes along with a whole life insurance plan. Ready to learn more? Contact JLM Wealth Strategies now.