As an independent Infinite Banking Concept(IBC)/Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, part of my responsibility is to understand what you’re aiming to accomplish so I can put together a Personalized Solution tailored specifically for you. There is no one-size fits all for IBC. (For those seeking information about the 770 Account, please note that Infinite Banking or Bank On Yourself are the more official names for this strategy, and for good measure I am in good standing and endorsed by both organizations.)

My 3 Step Process To Get You Started

1.The Introductory Phone Call

My first goal is to get you familiar with IBC/Bank On Yourself so you are prepared to ask questions during our initial telephone or in-person consultation.  Ideally, I like for my prospective clients to have read my Free Report or watched the videos at

Initial appointments are typically 20 minutes over the phone.  You can schedule your introductory call here:  During this initial call I will answer all your Infinite Banking related questions and also qualify you to make sure you are a good candidate for IBC.

2.The Financial Questionnaire Appointment

After questions have been answered and the process laid out, if you’re comfortable moving forward with a Personalized Solution, we will then schedule a telephone appointment to complete a Financial Questionnaire.  This appointment typically requires 15-30 minutes depending on your financial situation.

3.The Plan Review and Application Appointment

Our 3rd appointment is the review of your Personalized Solution which will highlight the IBC/Bank On Yourself plan I have created for you.  If everything looks good and you are ready to put the plan into action, we can proceed to the application.

Typical underwriting time can vary but is usually between 25-45 days before an approval is offered for acceptance and delivery.  Once an underwriting decision has been made and assuming the contract is approved, then you and I will make any final changes needed to either modify the plan’s premium specifications or simply request the contract as approved.

The worst case scenario is I have to notify the prospective client of a decline by the insurance company.  It’s important to note that a decline will not rule out the creation of an IBC/BOY plan.  It simply means we have to find an insurable interest like a spouse, child, or sibling.

When you are ready to have our initial telephone introductory appointment (Step 1), please schedule our appointment by going to my online calendar at

I look forward to helping you get started.

Thank you,

John A. Montoya

JLM Wealth Strategies, Inc.

(925) 386-6639 Office

Bank On Yourself™ Authorized Advisor

IBC™ Authorized Practitioner