Providing Financial Education, Across The Bay Area…one Community At A Time

Who We Are

John Montoya is proud to volunteer through SOFA, a nationwide 501(c)3 Non Profit Educational Speakers Bureau. Our mission is to end financial illiteracy across America, one community at a time.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, SOFA is comprised of various financial professionals who volunteer a Pro Bono service to the community by providing various financial topics to companies, churches, and organizations in their geographic locale.

SOFA Members are professionals such as Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, Accountants, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Counselors and Health & Wellness Practitioners.

Founded in 1993, SOFA has had the opportunity and privilege to work with various prominent companies and organizations across America. Our educational financial outreach, and years of continued success, has provided us name recognition and a reputation of excellence.

What We Do

SOFA members, through Pro Bono service, conduct free financial education workshops to companies, churches and organizations.

We provide a wide range of enriching financial topics from “Getting Fiscally Fit”, “Financial Blunders”, “Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement”, to “Solving Debt”, “College Planning”, and many others. This “continuing” series format is designed for the yearning learning seminar attendee.

Our workshop content covers a wide variety of valuable generic “topic-specific” information meaningful to attendees. We conduct our seminars at NO CHARGE. These workshops are NOT SELLING, nor PRODUCT ENDORSING events. The entire purpose of these workshops is to inform, enlighten, and entertain the seminar participants.

An added benefit is provided to all attendees who participate in our workshops. A Complimentary Consultation will be donated by the Speaker of that workshop for those that wish to have their individual needs addressed.

How We Do It

Through SOFA, in your community, we provide generic educational workshops at your company, your church, or organization that you belong to.
Our workshops are presented at the company, the church, or where the organization convenes.

Most of our workshops are “lunch and learns” and are a brown bag format. At companies, workshops are typically conducted in a conference room. At churches, workshops are presented in the fellowship hall or sanctuary. As for organizations, workshops are usually conducted where the members convene.

If in the event the sponsoring company or organization wishes to serve food or refreshments, it is strictly an option that is provided by the host.

All content promotional pieces (flyers) are provided to the host for dispersal to their people three weeks in advance.

Nominate Me To Your Workplace, Church, and Community

You can help me to end financial illiteracy in your community. All you have to do is nominate me to the person of influence in the organization you belong to. To get in touch with me please complete the contact form on this website at Contact Us or call me directly at (925) 386-6639.