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This web site and my business is dedicated to my kids, JLM.  I truly hope when they grow up, they will have the foundation of financial literacy to carry them forward in their lives.

For those who may not know me yet, something you should know is that I have had a curiosity about money for as long as I can possibly remember.

For the longest time I have asked myself: what is the origin of our money, how is money created, what determines its value, and how I can safely create wealth for myself, my family, and those I meet?

I am always striving for better answers to this puzzle because I believe money should not be a mystery. Unfortunately, for 99% of population money is not only a mystery, it’s not even an interest of study. This last thought blows me away.


Why trade valuable time for money (AKA labor) if you are unwilling to invest the time and energy into learning how to safeguard your earnings from risk of loss and taxes?


My guess is that people love what they do so much that they desire to do it forever… or perhaps the answer is that they have simply never thought as deeply about money in the same manner as I have.  Regardless of which camp you fall into, I want you to know you have an opportunity presented by history to change your lot in life, but only if you take action.


Here is my professional bio:


As the founder of JLM Wealth Strategies, I began my career in financial services in 1998 for John Hancock Financial.  Currently, I am 1 of only 200 financial advisors in the country who have successfully completed the training program required to become a Bank On Yourself© Authorized Advisor.  I hold a B.A. from the University of San Diego in International Relations. In 2013 I co-authored “The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security” with Best-Selling author Pamela Yellen along with other leading financial advisors and I was added to the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors website. In my free time I’m a youth soccer coach and I volunteer as chapter president for the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA) to help increase financial literacy at companies, churches, and organizations.


Here’s what I want you to do next:


1. Watch the videos at this link: www.CashValueBanking.com.
2. Go to the Contact Us page to schedule a telephone, online, or in-person appointment.  Be prepared with as many questions as possible when we speak.

Best of luck in all your financial endeavors.


What People Are Saying About JLM Wealth Strategies:


“I do find it very intriguing your approach to improving others’ lives with financial education and options for relief. We are so ingrained with the current financial system to follow along, not think for yourself or not break from the mold – not to mention the large gap in the education system that does not include financial or health education. It is easier to be a lemming, just not necessarily the best bet. Its refreshing to find someone talking about alternatives over doom and gloom – and the media hype which can be an exhausting roller coaster ride.”

– Kelly V.,  Alamo, CA


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