Bank On Yourself

Bank On Yourself

Bank On Yourself™ (BOY) is another name for the Infinite Banking Concept which uses a time-tested strategy unknown to many financial advisors that allows you to grow your money safely without taking any unnecessary risk. Regardless of what the market (stocks, real estate, etc.) may be doing your plan grows every year (even when you need to access money!). Designed properly, Bank On Yourself™ provides peace-of-mind, guaranteed growth, tax advantages, and more flexibility than any investment or savings program you will ever find and it requires no luck, skill, or guesswork on your part!

Since 2009 John Montoya has been one of only 200 authorized Bank On Yourself™ Professionals nationwide and in 2013 co-authored The Secret To A Lifetime of Financial Security with Bank On Yourself™ best-selling author Pamela Yellen and other leading financial advisors.

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